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About us

Data Loss Prevention specialists

e3 Benelux is specialized in the management, organization and maintenance of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions, with which we help clients to protect their critical data. e3 Benelux is part of the international e3 group with offices in Zurich and Bern (Switzerland), Frankfurt (Germany) and Eindhoven (the Netherlands). e3 is the market leader in Europe with high-quality DLP expertise through a large number of DLP implementations at renowned organizations. e3 works with multidisciplinary teams to deploy optimal expertise tailored to customer demand.

We enable our customers to effectively protect their critical data, such as intellectual property, customer and privacy related information, in a constantly changing digital world. In doing so, we limit business risks and help to meet the required standards, laws and regulations.

Business Security Service

e3 DLP implementations are always business driven. In our view, DLP is not a technical application. We provide DLP as a Business Security Service that sets up processes, organization and technology in such a way that the protection goals are protected in a continuous process. By organizing a good set of processes and the information security organization, preventive and corrective measures can be taken with DLP in case of deviations. This is particularly effective if it is accompanied by increased awareness among the company employees with information and training on how to deal with critical data. The supporting technology, the DLP platform, is integrated with the existing technological infrastructure to physically prevent critical data from ending up in undesirable places.

Experience and expertise

Since 2009 we have done many DLP implementations in and outside Europe, at national and multi national organizations. Among others, the following types of companies: Bank and insurance, Telecommunication, Call centers, Healthcare, organizations working with Credit cards, Post processing and Government. As a result, we have a large amount of experience and expertise that we apply again and again in new DLP processes.

e3 innovation

Innovation is in the genes of e3. The knowledge and experience that we have gained over the years has transformed e3 into a set of standards and standards that we use when designing and setting up DLP for our customers. As a result, we implement DLP cost-effectively, maintainable in the long term and effectively. E3 DLP automation has also developed modules in addition to the DLP platform. We believe that repetitive actions can be handled more efficiently by automating them. The cost per DLP incident is an important factor, which are reduced with our automation modules.

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Feel free to contact us if you recognize yourself in the way we see and deal with DLP. We are happy to come by to get to know and investigate where we can support your organization.

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