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DLP als Business Security Service

e3 sees DLP as a Business Security Service. e3 can implement Data Loss Prevention as a Business Security Service service within your organization. With this focus, the business is optimally facilitated in monitoring the critical information. After all, it is best to know how this information can be recognized and what is permitted with this information. The organization of DLP as Business Service contains two important pillars.

DLP in relation to the Business

If different parts of the organization each work with their specific vital information, it is important to divide the environment into compartments, so we speak about a multi-tenant DLP environment. The business will then receive a protected DLP environment with which they can work. A generic service organization is also set up to support them and to guarantee common knowledge. The access “Business Rules” of DLP and the incidents that have arisen are allocated in this way to a limited group of people. Through a Service Catalog and service interfaces they work with the central DLP service. This depends on existing resources that are present or can be created for this.

It is possible to set up a central DLP incident management to first filter incidents before they are dealt with by business employees. Various incident models can be combined and, where necessary, extensively automated with additional modules.

DLP in relation to IT

A DLP environment integrates with existing IT environments. Therefore, central coordination is needed for the daily operation and continuity of the environment and these integrations. Managing employees who are part of the scope of service provision and allocation to a specific business unit is also essential. A central DLP Service can supervise this with the right expertise. Access to the information in the DLP system also requires a specific additional set-up and management in a multi-tenant DLP environment.

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