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DLP as a measure for Compliance risk reduction

Gartner investigated that Security and risk managers purchase DLP solutions primarily for two target areas, reducing their compliance risks and better protecting specific types of intellectual property. Below are a number of compliance areas where we have deployed DLP for our clients. This means their business risks are reduced and compliance is facilitated.

We are often called in to resolve audit findings with DLP. This indicates that DLP is a powerful tool for reducing compliance risks.

GDPR, DLP is tool number 1!

We implement DLP as an additional GDPR measure for multiple organizations. DLP identifies where privacy-sensitive data stands, it checks where it should be and where it may go. By making the employees aware of the laws and regulations and a “correct” way of working in combination with an effectively implemented DLP solution, the GDPR reduces compliance risk of your organization.

e3 Benelux has a huge expertise in the field of the GDPR and is working with Data Praesideo to make organizations compliant to prevent fines and reputational damage.

PCI DSS (Creditcards)

In many organizations we implement DLP when there are PCI DSS compliance issues. The leakage of credit card information is very damaging for the reputation of a company. Our DLP solution is very effective for this and significantly reduces the compliance risk.


For a business unit of an American Multinational with clients in the healthcare sector, DLP is used as a control for the HIPAA / HITECH (*) regulation. DLP contributes to a significant risk reduction for this business unit.

(*) Note:

HITECH = The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health

HIPAA = Health Insurance Portability and Accountability

e3 as a DLP implementation partner for reducing compliance risks

Contact us to discuss your compliance risks and investigate how we can effectively use DLP for this purpose for your organization.

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