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Your challenges

By the current digitization, it is increasingly difficult to protect business information effectively. The boundaries of organizations change through Cloud applications and contemporary changes such as “flexible working” and “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD). It makes the challenge bigger to keep control over critical corporate and personal data (AVG). Where is this data stores and who is using it ? Where this data is stored elsewhere or shared?  Our analyses show that most of the organizations don’t know where their critical data is stored and who has access to it. We also see that they employees are not well-informed how to deal with critical data. Data leaks are a big potential risk. The biggest threat are the employees for leaking critical data. Usually not intentionally but by mistake.

Data Loss Prevention can help you

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions are extremely powerful in preventing data leaks, it forms a safety net for your company. Where company borders leave information, via e-mail, chat or via storage media such as Dropbox and Google Drives DLP recognizes critical information and it can optionally stopped. It also allows you to better structure and data storage so as to keep, and thus all kinds of sensitive data.
DLP deployments by e3 are always business driven, structured from “best practices” and “lessons learned” from previous implementations which the DLP remains effective and maintainable in the long term. By own innovations with DLP automation modules, we are able to optimize the cost per incident and thus reduce the costs. DLP deployments are comprehensive, it requires a broad commitment to expertise to successfully implement together with your company. Please contact us for an appointment, then we can explain how we can help your company in the challenge of “Business Information Protection”.

e3 Benelux your DLP implementation partner

E3 is the European market leader in DLP deployments and supporting organizations in effectively deploying DLP solutions based on many years of experience and expertise.

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