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DLP Services

Data Loss Prevention, do it yourself or source it

With e3 Benelux you have all the possibilities to manage a DLP solution yourself or outsource all or part of it.

Operational application management: we take care of the management of the application environment and ensure that the DLP application continues to function properly. The DLP platform will be equipped with all current software updates.

Policy Management Services: DLP Policies (protection rules) are the strength of a DLP platform. Designing, creating and optimizing good policies requires a high degree of expertise. We use the e3 Policy Management process whereby we can take over the entire Policy Life Cycle Management.

Third-line support: Due to our high level of expertise we deliver third line support to our customers. We deliver this in the following forms: Ad-hoc support, Ticket-based support and SLA-based support.

DLP consultancy: e3 Benelux can support you in all aspects of DLP with consultancy. This varies from implementation preparation, making design to deployment support and roll-out support. In addition, e3 Benelux offers a high level of Privacy knowledge to support compliance issues.

Feel free to contact us to discuss the alternatives, we can unburden you for DLP through our flexible services.

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