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Your crown jewels are precious

With the “crown jewels” we mean the most critical applications for your company. The employees who work directly with these applications process critical data by definition. DLP supports these employees in processing this data according to the “agreed” way of working, the “code of conduct”. These agreements define how data is processed, where can be stored and shared. In the event of deviation from this way of working, DLP will inform the employee that this is the case, and thereby also protect the employee for incorrect sharing or storage of these data. Most DLP incidents are a consequence of unconscious trading with critical data. With the right communication from DLP the awareness by the employees will increase and the risks will decrease.

We observe that many employees are insufficiently aware of the data they work with and the permissible way of storing and sharing these data. Awareness is an important step in reducing business risks and therefore an important part of our DLP implementation processes. We record the way we work in “Business Rules” in the DLP system and form the framework to protect employees and critical data. An important facet in risk reduction around critical data is the change in the behavior of your employees, from “unconscious and incompetent” to “aware and competent”.

e3 as a DLP implementation partner for protecting your crown jewels

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