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Protect healthcare data

There is nothing more personal than the medical data of a patient. There is increasing attention and legislation for the protection of these data. DLP can help to protect this data additionally.

Medics work together in the medicalchain

In the healthcare sector, intensive collaboration takes place between different disciplines around the patient, general practitioners, pharmacists, specialists and hospitals. The data collected here must be exchanged. This data is increasingly stored digitally in the electronic patient file (EPD). Data such as these are marked as special personal data within the AVG and require extra attention for protection. Care chains are often insufficiently securely connected digitally and use different systems. Data for the exchange regularly leaves the EPD system and is exchanged via other means of communication, such as secure e-mail. This makes this information vulnerable and can therefore fall into the wrong hands. DLP can prevent data from being stored in the wrong places or being sent unsecured. DLP is particularly relevant for larger healthcare organizations such as hospitals because they cooperate with a large number of first-line care providers.


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