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Data Loss Prevention Implementation

e3 provides complete DLP implementations for companies. Because of the knowledge and experience from many implementations, our DLP implementation framework is a standardized effective approach with care and quality.


DLP implementations require a careful approach. Within many European companies, approval of works councils is required because of the privacy-related aspects of DLP. This is usually a requirement before DLP can be implemented. Important for the entrepreneurs’ councils is the “DLP Privacy Impact Analysis”. The DLP DPIA is a careful description of the applicable privacy requirements and guidelines and the way in which the DLP implementation implements this.

The tightened European privacy legislation (GDPR) requires additional measures that must be implemented for the activation of DLP within an organization. Outside Europe too, local laws and regulations are important frameworks that must be included in DLP implementations.


Quality is reflected in the steps of our implementation framework:

  • “Proof of Concept” in which we demonstrate a reduction in business risks for the stakeholders;
  • Careful introduction into the organization and anchoring of the “buy-in” of the interested party;
  • Clear set of requirements and wishes (protection goals, compliance requirements, organizational requirements, etc.);
  • Data classification and data recognition;
  • Required approvals such as approval of the business councils;
  • Determination of the “lawful way of working”;
  • A complete design for organization, technology and processes;
  • Standardized design of the DLP processes, and the DLP platform;
  • Awareness and training program for employees and DLP process actors;
  • Activation of the DLP processes for incident handling and optimization of the DLP policy rules;
  • Step-by-step introduction of the DLP protection;
  • Appointment is appointment, final validation of delivery against agreements made.

DLP is comprehensive solution and not just just a software product. We characterize and implement DLP as a Business Security Service that creates value by reducing business risks.

Contact us for an explanation of our vision and experience with DLP implementations.

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