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Where is your critical data

We often ask the Information Security Manager if he has an idea where his critical data is located.  We are told again and again that they don’t know and that is not always at the places where they expect it. Our experiences with DLP is that this suspicion is confirmed

Identify where the critical data is and take measures

With the DLP solution of e3 it is possible to determine where critical data is. Based on our risk scans, we can make this transparent and define measures together with the customer. The effect of the measures can be measured on a regular basis and therefore it is immediately clear whether they are effective and whether they need to be adjusted. Our experience is that this approach gives a lot of information about the risk that the organization runs and whether the reduction of the risk actually takes place.

e3 as a DLP implementation partner to control your critical data

Contact us to discuss your risks and investigate how we can effectively use DLP for this purpose for your organization.

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