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e3 “Extended” DLP

From the many implementations, a demand arose for additional functionality on the existing DLP platform. The need for additional functionality arose from more complex use cases and requirements and wishes from different organizational components that can not be filled in from a centralized DLP facility.

e3 has converted this demand into a portfolio of additional software modules that primarily have five advantages over the existing DLP platform:

  • Cost efficiency through automation of human activities
  • Additional functionality allowing more use cases to be filled DLP
  • Data Privacy by anonymizing the DLP incident data Multi-tenancy, where DLP for separate business units can work side by side on the same DLP Platform
  • Far-reaching external application integration ( SIEM, ServiceManagement, Databases)

This functionality is bundled in three “Mountains”.

Through these “Mountains” extra functionalities are made available for other potential customers of e3. This software follows a quarterly “Release cycle”.

Optimize the costs of DLP

e3 implements DLP from a business perspective. DLP is seen as important but is not a primary business process. The time spent on the follow-up of DLP incidents also determines the success of DLP within an organization. 80% of the costs of DLP are incurred in the handling of DLP incidents and that is largely human action. e3 has therefore developed additional software that automates the handling of incidents to a large extent, reducing the handling time of a DLP incident. This lowers the “Total Cost of Ownership” (TCO) and increases the acceptance for following up DLP incidents.


We will gladly inform you about the possibilities of the e3 Mountains. Contact us for more information.

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