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Centraya – our data protection in the cloud

Centraya (made by e3) transparently encrypts your critical data in to any cloud service. It is built to meet the highest requirements for data privacy (GDPR) in any cloud application located in any country. Centraya is protecting your data in cloud based CRM, HR or any other cloud application against unauthorized access or data theft.

Centraya is delivered with all required protection and encryption mechanisms. But without any keys. Only the customer generates and owns the keys. No master key, no backdoor. Centraya’s unique Protection Domain Technology enables customers to use as many keys as they need. All keys are automatically managed by Centraya. A key per application, per field, per user, per… or any combination of the above.

Why Centraya ?

  • Centraya (by e3) is completely developed in Switzerland. Tech Support is Swiss based as well. It´s our quality promise and daily inducement. For our customers it is important that we do not and cannot be forced to share information with any secret service or government organisation.
  • Centraya has a platform approach. Our goal: protecting data in as many cloud applications as possible. Our Profile Generator allows customers to easily add protection to their apps or use the default profiles.
  • The blink of an eye lasts for 300 ms. Centraya is faster. Our performance tests of encrypting and decrypting information require less than 10 ms on average. We want to secure cloud usage – not slow it down.

Intrested ?

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