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e3 DLP oplossingen

e3 Benelux, the Data Loss Prevention expert

e3 Benelux together with the underlying international e3 network have many years of expertise with many implementations to help you deploy DLP quickly and effectively. We can provide an e3 Fast Track DLP implementation so you can quickly gain insight and get started with DLP. For a company-wide and complete implementation we have developed the e3 Advanced DLP implementation method. This also provides for the organization of the DLP business processes, a specialty of e3.

Larger organizations can use DLP as a central security service that can be set up in compartments in close cooperation with the business. Each business unit has its own DLP and foreclosure of all vital information (multi-tenant).

The expertise of e3 in the field of DLP is particularly deep, and together with the additional e3 AG software modules and our DLP consultancy, a lot is possible.

Please contact us for more information, we will gladly inform you about all our possibilities.

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